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A dynamic community created for women who are passionate about pursuing marriage openly and without judgement. Through prayer, education, and training, women embark on a transformative journey together. The ultimate goal is to see every woman in this program make a successful transition from single to married, by the grace of God.


Are You Interested? 

Get ready to experience monthly prayers, focused teachings, and masterclasses that will provide you with practical insights and guidance on your journey. You will also have access to our private Facebook community platform, where you can connect and engage with other like-minded women and receive support and accountability.

In addition to these incredible resources, you'll have the opportunity to attend our exclusive VIP retreats, where you'll receive personalised attention and support from our team of experts and Pastor Triumph Guobadia herself.


And if that's not enough, we are also offering optional 1:1 coaching sessions (for a fee) to help you gain clarity and make progress towards your goal of marriage. We are committed to providing you with everything you need to make this journey towards marriage a success.

If you are interested in joining the Bride Hub 2024 Cohort, register below!


Melissa, UK

Thank you so much Pastor Triumph for your pour this year. You took time out of your already busy schedule and didn’t miss any opportunity to help us. Thank you for being our answered prayer regarding dating and marriage. I’m extremely grateful.

Rachel, USA

I was very blessed to be placed in a very good prayer group that met faithfully every Wednesday morning at 6:30am from the point of inception. The faithfulness of our hearts I believe would see the fruits of the seeds sown. It has been an absolute blessing.

Elizabeth, UK

I am an independent woman but Bride Hub helped me to learn the power of submission. I have also learnt that its not important to always to be right. There are so many nuggets I received throughout the programme. 
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